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Layers 2 ( )

A text full of smart ideas, tricks, and advice for beginners, experts, and lovers of the most passionate specialty in dentistry: direct restorative treatment.
This is NOT a second part; this is version 2.0: a completely different vision to see composite resins, with a contemporary approach, knowledge of the materials, techniques, and accessories. All of these instruments were developed with and through Styleitaliano, and most of them have become worldwide bestsellers.
With 23 videos.

1. A modern approach to color, from visual methods to the new era in digital color matching, applied to composite
2. The future of layering, describing the most representative techniques step-by-step and their application to everyday dentistry
3. Ten ways to obtain a palatal wall, with most of the problems we can find. And the classical silicon index perfectioned and simplified
4. Twenty steps to obtain a perfect class IV composite restoration consistently, with a brief analysis of finishing lines
5. Exploring a build-up strategy for stress free class V restorations and the tools to obtain an efficient gingival retraction
6. Implementation of the Class III classification according to its clinical difficulty. Margin design, shade and build-up strategy, making emphasis on matrix management as a key of success in these kind of restorations
7. Full description of the front-wing technique, a universal strategy to close diastemata without wax-up and improving the current methods
8. Description of the available methods to perceive and detect characterizations. Presenting instant recipes to understand and reproduce them
9. Tips and tricks for posterior cusp protection, margin elevation and some alternatives to the current materials and techniques
10. A thorough analysis of dental shape and the full protocol to obtain life-like restorations thanks to the morphology and the polishing
11. A simple guide to set your reflex camera to a point-and-shoot use and a recipe for perfect and quick rubber dam isolation
12. A brief summary of our developments, inventions and educational projects of the last 12 years
13. Protocols and indications for direct veneering
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