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“MASTER” set, including one driver tip of each in the three sizes (27 tips + 1 head).

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Have you ever been unable to screw/unscrew an implant prosthetic work of a brand you are not familiar with or an extremely high or short length and you are missing that driver in your armamentarium ? It is a very common problem to have.

Sidekick’s box of screwdrivers for implantology gathers 9 models (each available in 3 lengths) that are compatible with the most popular implant systems on the market. The aim is that you have available, anytime and immediately THE correct model and length of driver needed.

Thanks to the wide choice of proposed geometries, in 99% of the cases you’ll find a compatible model with other brands of implants’ screws. A smart clipping mechanism allows you to quickly assemble/disassemble the driver’s tip and the (very compact) head.

Sidekick : your best companion for implant prosthetic cases

Before the final fit of the prosthetic case

The implant components have to be fitted/removed several times (healing caps, impression transfers, temporary crowns, scan abutments, etc.). If the clinician is doing a multi unit prosthetic case, Sidekick's choice of different lenghts offers great help and comfort.
Please keep in mind that the final torque is always defined by the implant manufacturer.

Unscrew “unknown” brands

It is not rare that the clinician encounters a situation where the prosthetic case, probably done outside of their own office, needs to be unscrewed/screwed. The first challenge is to find the correct screwdriver. Sidekick will provide the best solution in the majority of situations.

Screwdriver compatibility detection

Dealing with a prosthetic case which the components are not familiar to the clinician can present a problem. Having the ability to test several Sidekick screwdrivers allows to detect the compatibility and even the brand by knowing which screwdriver works on that specific component.

Emergency length aid

“I have the brand’s screwdriver but it is too short/long”… Sidekick is perfect in these type of situations as it includes also x-short and x-long screwdrivers.

Heavy untightening

In the case the clinician doesn’t have the original driver, he can use the special Sidekick Clamp Forceps for untightening a prosthetic case. It is strongly recommended to use the manufacturer’s torque wrench for the final tightening of the implant case.

Innovation Clamp Forceps

For completing the concept, Smile Line has created a special clamp forceps which tip is perfectly designed to match the profile of the driver’s head for extra tightening or difficult un-tightening.

Its use is extremely comfortable, with a direct access to the head's side without removing the driver from its place.

The clamp forcep is not included in the set.

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